This 17,000sqft underground house near Vegas is the perfect place to wait out a nuclear apocalypse, and it's for sale

What do you do when you've got a boatload of cash thanks to working in the aerospace industry in the '70s, yet didn't think your products could properly defend our nation? Build a giant underground bomb shelter outside Vegas, which is covered by a totally normal-looking home with a realllly big backyard, and features $1 million in imported marble, a giant subterranean "yard" surrounded by 360-degrees of hand-painted 3D murals, a pool with dual jacuzzis, a dance floor/stage for parties, a sweet fountain, a putting green, an indoor barbeque hidden in a faux rock, and a lighting system that replicates day, sunset, or night. And now it's for sale, for a cool $1.7mil. Let's take a look at the place where you could throw some seriously underground parties.

Just an ordinary home in Vegas...

... with a slightly-larger-than-usual barren yard, and a cave in the back corner.

Hmmm... what's down this set of stairs and 26ft underground?

Oh look, it's... another house!!

And your house only has ONE front door. Herb.

This kitchen, at one time, was state-of-the-art. But hey, water and ice in the fridge door!

Your landscaping costs will stay nice and low, as the plants are made of plastic.

Pretty pimp tub in the master.

And a perfect view from the secondary bathroom's toilet.

The BBQ is hidden, to ensure the Soviets never find your Ballpark franks.

End of the world party dance floor!!!

Eternity leaves plenty of time to fine-tune your putting.

Your neighbors over there will be totally jealous of this sweet fountain.

Not a real well. Not real chickens, either.

Sweet view!

Take a fake stroll to a nearby fake village...

... or through the fake woods.

Is that nuclear fallout snow?

"Sitting on rocks" was definitely the "thing you miss most after a nuclear war" on Family Feud that one time.

You don't like our creeper house?!?! There's the exit!

The whole house can be experienced during the day.

At sunset...

Or at night!

And, just in case, this place is perfect if your name is Tex. Buy it, Tex!! We know you're reading.