Make cash money renting your car at LAX while you travel

Jay Berkowitz/LAWA

Available now at LAX, Hubber is that unbelievably annoying nickname your newly-married friend's wife calls him on Facebook a service that enables you to rent your car to LA visitors while you're on vacation, with you making a percentage of the income on the rental, as well as obtaining the Holy Grail: free parking at the airport for however long you're gone.

Hubber LAX

It works like this: sign up at their website, then let 'em know when you'll be out of town and drop your sick Ford Focus with A WORKING SIX-CD CHANGER Y'ALL (or really anything that's not over 10yrs old or has more than 100,000mi on it), and they'll wash it and give you a ride to your gate. While you're gone, it'll be available to rent to anyone who has a valid driver's license and is not a convicted felon (PHEW!), and you'll make $20-$30 each day it's rented, and that free parking'll continue 'til you get back, Monopoly board be damned!

Hubber LAX

If you're worried about insurance, stop being worried about insurance: they've got a $1 million deductible. And if you're worried about some housewife from Missoula finding your Ford Focus with a WORKING SIX-CD CHANGER Y'ALL's strictly-for-traffic-only glovebox collection of signed Penthouse Letters, stop worrying about that, too: they've got lockers to store valuables and, er, "valuables" in.