The Uber of house-cleaning is now here

Specifically made for those times when your really clean, kinda anal college roommate Kevin comes to visit after moving to North Carolina, and you've totally forgotten, and there's, like, some unidentifiable gunk everywhere, and you can feel his condescending tone as he walks into your apartment and calls a hotel simultaneously: Handybook, essentially Uber for house-cleaning (and handyman work).It's simple and uses the on-demand model, and they've got a ton of vetted providers in their network; hit 'em up when you've just spilled on your rug/ are out of Windex/ don't even know what Windex is, and you can usually get an appointment within the next four hours (although, unlike Uber, you can also schedule in advance, which'd be great if you ever actually planned anything in advance, Todd). They'll give you a quote based on your house size and come out with eco-friendly (!) supplies, so you don't need to be stocked yourself.As far as handy-work, they'll do simple tasks you're prone to effing up (like hanging paintings), stuff you're not in shape for (moving furniture), and crap there's no way you'd ever get right, even if you still had Kevin's help (IKEA construction).