Lamborghini. Ferrari. McLaren. You drive.

Launched in LA after successful franchises in Miami and NYC, Gotham Dream Cars isn't just why Alfred covets Bruce Wayne: it's actually a supercar rental service that also does day-tours wherein you do an oceanside PCH drive and then jam up the Mulholland/ Topanga Canyons driving not one, not two, but six cars you'll never be able to afford. Ever. Even if you're the dude who sold that show where the monkey is a doctor. The line up: You likely want to get involved with this 480hp-having, 194mph-going Ferrari California, which you'll take up a part of the canyon roads known as "The Snake", also the likely nickname of a dude banging a chick named Ferrari somewhere else in California.You'll also get behind the wheel of this McLaren that can hit 60mph in just over 3secs en route to over 200mph, and features doors you have to open with a swipe of your fingers. They've got Lamborghinis too. Market research indicates that people in rap songs call them "Lambos". And if you still haven't had enough of driving cars that Alfred could never afford on that Wayne Manor butler salary, you'll also get behind the wheel of smooth-handling luxury cars like high-end BMWs and this Bentley.