Rare and vintage action figures on sale in the Grove

Started by the one guy whose mom didn't throw away everything worth loving in this world, Coconut Grove's Via Gallery is filled to the Admiral Akbar gills with all the vintage action figures a manchild could ever want, with many selling for less than you'd pay on eBay. This Boba Fett with a live-fire rocket is said to be among the rarest action figures in the world, with only 38 in existence. No disintegrations! The Force is not strong enough to get this original Star Wars Luke Skywalker out of his plastic cage. $750, however, is. C-3PO had a wild night back in ‘77 and ended up with this. Or, it's an engraving that lets you know it's a legit original. The old Max Gallery in the same space sold nothing but Britto, so talk about an upgrade: they're stocking over 100 12-inch G.I. Joes, including this 1964 original, who’s been searching for a well-fitting helmet for 49yrs. For $999 you get an entire box of accessories with your '64 original, including that lovely handbag shown in the lower left. Sea Adventurer G.I. Joe was introduced in 1970, then went on to star in a popular series of Dos Equis commercials. For $425, you’d think this original Charlton Heston Planet of the Apes figure from 1968 would come with a butt-neckid Nova as well. George Washington says, “Cool lamp, 'Captain America.' And remind me, which bill are you on again?” Robert E. Lee knows chicks dig Confederate generals. But nothing beats an astronaut. Isn’t that right Taylor? Watch those hands, bro! You know what chicks don't dig? Jailed enemy combatants. And finally, there're dozens of original comic book paintings by owner Les Roberts, something your mom will have a much tougher time throwing away than those other “pictures” she found with your action figures.