If you HAVE to work, you might as well enjoy a killer view, garden parties, and ping pong

Admit it: every time you sit down at your “home office”, your productivity gets shot once you see Maury’s testing the 13th possible father for little 2yr-old Brody. That’s why you need KeyWorking, a chic downtown shared workspace where the only distractions are a royal view of the AAA and gallons of free Perrier and coconut water.

KeyWorking allows you to rent out a single office for yourself, or multiple offices for your company. Either way, tourists will sail by and wave to you for inspiration.

Don’t need a whole office? You can also rent single desk space. Just promise to avoid sandwiches with onions and use headphones if you’re listening to Nickelback.

The entryway’s got a big comfortable common area that you can use for multimedia presentations. Or, ya know, to watch more Maury.

Tired of bickering with your office-mates about who would smoke who at ping pong? Settle it in the breakroom with enough time left for an air hockey rematch.

The shared kitchen is always stocked with popchips, plus refrigerators full of that Perrier and coconut water, and more refrigerators if you go totally insane and want something for lunch other than popchips.

KeyWorking’s also got plenty of available conference rooms, which, contrary to appearance, are NOT made completely out of dry-erase boards.

If you just can’t get enough Perrier -- and occasionally like to mix it with vodka -- you can join your fellow KeyWorkers every Monday and Friday at 530p for a garden party on the balcony.

And the best part: you’ll be the 13th most popular guy in town when they have next year’s parade.