Santos Dumont Racing: Cartier limited-edition sunglasses that've earned their racing stripes

Named after the pioneering aviator who designed one of the world’s earliest airships, Cartier’s stunning sunwear collection -- now on sale at the brand new Cartier boutique at Aventura Mall -- hits the ground running with a new racecar-inspired line of sunglasses. In other words, get ready to look fast and luxurious

Crafted with an aviator frame, this limited-edition line pays homage to both on-the-ground and in-the-air exploration with its choice of construction materials. Screws on the bridge and arms reference Alberto Santos-Dumont's legendary aircraft, and a checkered flag-esque side detail pays tribute to his love of checkered flags. Just kidding, it -- along with the racing glove-like perforated leather accent on the nose -- brings to mind the gentlemanly pursuit of auto racing

Whether flying high or riding low, chart a course to the new Cartier boutique at Aventura Mall to see why donning a pair of Santos Dumont Racing sunwear is never a wrong turn.