Put a historic rock club in your house

The only thing that doesn't rock about the legendary fire sale at Mpls alt music institution 400 Bar? That it means they've officially closed their doors to something other than non-grunge music. But instead of getting Veruca Salty about it, why not nab nifty stuff like

Beer Signs: Neat booze signs abound, including a double-sided Old Style that hung on the corner of the building for 1/3 of a century. This guy proclaims Windsor Canadian is -- like 6-foot-6 Russian guard Alexey Shved -- "#1 in Minnesota"

Memorabilia: They've got vintage show posters and merch stacked like cordwood, but the piece de resistance is the soon-to-be-listed railing leading from the cellar/ greenroom up to to the stage. Everyone who's ever played the 400 has touched it, meaning if you're lucky, you can get it and Jack White's mono

ATMs: Think about it, you could pay $50, and take home $1 million. Or pay $50, and take home -$50. The possibilities are endless

Shirts: These iconic 400 Bar shirts were worn by the lead character in Green Day's Broadway show American Idiot, which is exactly what you'll be if you pass up your last chance to buy one. Unless you're German. Or, gross, Norwegian

Actual Bars: $5K started the bidding on the 30ft, redwood-topped back bar that was literally installed the day Prohibition ended and -- like anyone who has ever caught Jack White's mono -- "hasn't moved since".