Tons of menswear from New York's Capsule Show

You never forget the first time you saw men’s leopard-print shoes. You're about to see them, and also a lot of guy-fashion that won't make people think you're going to stylishly eat them, because Thrillist hustled down to NYC's Lower East Side to check out Men's Capsule, a trade show hyper-curated with a “high-and-low” mix of heritage collections, streetwear, and something that has something to do with Mary J. Blige

Here are 13 standout brands from the show, complete with stuff that's on the radar for fall 2013, and links to stuff you can buy right this very minute

MONITALYFounded in '97 by a dude preoccupied with all things Military and Italy, this Cali-based brand brings whimsical detailing to otherwise classic men’s fashion -- a look totally worth going to Wario over.Coming Fall 2013: Robin’s egg blue bomber jackets; smiley-face printed wool suiting.Get it now: Your grandpa’s Hawaii shirt, but infinitely more awesome, if that’s even possible. Checking again... yes, it is possible

REMI RELIEFThe Japanese Americana fanboy behind Remi Relief -- Yutaka Goto -- exaggerates classic USA styles rendered in superior materials.Coming Fall 2013: Hand-embroidered denim button-ups, floral-printed rain slickers, and leather bubble vests so soft, you can’t believe they’re not leather butter vests.Get it now: This also-supple screen-printed tee

GENERAL IDEAGenerally speaking, the idea is that the kick-ass Korea brand uses color-blocking and sports-inspired detailing as a means to re-imagine traditional American tropes of masculinity through the lens of an Eastern diaspora.Coming Fall 2013: Tricolored puffer jackets, workout gear as work attire, and topcoats that are truly tops.Get it now: This lightweight quilted hunting jacket

SHIPLEY & HALMOSFounded by two college buddies, this CFDA-winning design team offers up exceptionally detailed wares that evoke a classic, collegiate vibe without making you look like you're oblivious to the future that is about to crush you.Coming Fall 2013: Sturdy wool suiting, camel corduroy button-ups and varsity-inspired knits.Get it now: This slick, skinny French cuff woven

GARRETT LEIGHT CALIFORNIA OPTICALThis Cali eyewear brand makes frames directly inspired by yesteryear's icons, from The Wilson, modeled off John Lennon's circulars, to The Harding, straight off the face of Arthur “I picked up Marilyn Monroe in these glasses” Miller.Coming right now: Instant gratification -- you don’t have to wait till next fall to get everything here

NORTHERN COBBLERThis English brand delivers handcrafted traditional footwear with a “side order of wit”, in that they ship their shoes in the pocket of an apron.Coming Fall 2013: Wood-soled, pebbled leather monk straps and classic chukkas.Get it now: These navy Ghillie brogue shoes with cutouts down the instep for showing off socks that are far sharper than your side order

WILLIAM FOX & SONSThis century-old sporting goods brand prides itself on its British Isles heritage, offering up a meticulous dossier of gentlemanly wares, some with a serious twist, like brightly patterned smoking jackets that make you think, "Yeah, smoking!".Coming Fall 2013: Striped sweaters and printed button-ups with a 1970s-London feel.Get it now: This color-blocked Lambswool crewneck

BOAST USABirthed in the 1970s tennis-star-as-rebel era, this iconic sportswear house is known for its irreverent take on the classics, along with its insignia, the Japanese maple leaf. Canada just can't keep any hockey teams, can it.Coming Fall 2013: Printed sneakers and an eyewear collar with Garrett Leight California Optical.Get it now: One of these ties that evoke a harmonic convergence of business and party

BO CLOTHINGHandmade ties and pocket squares? Check. Colored chinos, crisp cotton button-ups, and striped flannels? Also check. Brand logo created by the same dude who designed Mary J. Blige’s album cover? Yeah, that too.Coming Fall 2013: Navajo printed fleece zip-ups made with otherworldly levels of softness.Get it now: This also-handmade novelty tie clip

H BY HUDSONThis reasonably priced British shoe company expertly rides the line of traditional and WTF. The above does not represent “traditional”.Coming Fall 2013: Sturdy burnt grey brogues and sharply formal slip-ons in an array of patterns and colors.Get it now: These two-tone, suede-on-leather chukkas

SHADES OF GREY BY MICAH COHENFor this designer, it’s all about balancing extremes: progressive fashion that’s traditional yet daring, aspirational yet accessible, "More Than Words" and the somewhat more rocking "Hole Hearted". Coming Fall 2013: Tri-color varsity jackets, softly priced suiting, and slim-cut colored cargoes in many shades of colors not limited to grey.Get it now: This long-sleeved polka-dotted henley. EQUIPMENT HOMMEKnown for its minimalist aesthetic, this Paris fashion house introduced the men’s button-down to women’s fashion back in the '70s, when everyone except Spiro Agnew was gender-bending. As of late, they’ve concentrated their efforts on dude-wear with an array of straightforward, luxury shirts and knits. Coming Fall 2013: Printed cashmere novelty knits and silk button-downs.Get it now: Their classic bright white shirt. TIGERSUSHI FURSThough it sounds like the best bento box ever, this French streetwear brand gets its name from a boutique EDM/pop record label, so it's no surprise their offerings -- loaded with graphic knits and splashy colors -- look great under a black light.Coming Fall 2013: This keyboard-printed pullover and psychedelic camo prints.Get it now: This t-shirt printed with the technical schema of a TR-808 drum machine.