A car that steers with its rear wheels

The Porsche 911 and 911 GT3 are kinda like the Deschanel sisters: one's a more buttoned-down performer and the other's just a little bit insane in a way that's kinda hot. For 2014, the 911 GT3 ups the ante with rear wheels that actually steer at varying angles based on speed, which Porsche claims increases both agility and stability by virtually increasing or decreasing the car's length by up to 20in, effectively doing what not even Pfizer can.It can hit 60mph in 3.3sec and clocks a top speed of 195, courtesy of a 475hp motor that hits 9000rpm -- which means it can spin faster than Chris Brown's publicist.You can't get this car with a traditional manual transmission -- like Archer with a flight attendant, it only uses paddles -- but that doesn't matter, since it's capable of shifting gears in less than 100 miliseconds, or about 12 times faster than a hummingbird flaps its wings.Check out Porsche's launch video of this thing: