8 Labor Day essentials to ride Summer out in style

Labor day is one of the most bittersweet 3-day weekends our fair nation has to offer. It heralds the end of Summer, and begins the slow march towards the sideways rain and slush of Winter, but it is also one of the most epic beach party weekends of the season. We dug into our vault and pulled up the best gear that you can take to the beach with you this weekend, read on:

Margaritaville Explorer — $230It's everything you love about your blender at home, but it's fully battery powered. If you spend another day at the beach without a battery powered blender you are .o longer friends.

Ecoxbt Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers — $99When you take the schooner out for a spin, you’re gonna need the Ecoxbt. It’s totally waterproof, protecting your hardware from rogue waves and wake. There’s 10 hours of battery life, in case you want to go out for a serious outing.

Marine Charts — $19.99Lost at sea? The Marine Charts iPhone app will get you home safe and sound. Once you plug in your destination it will pinpoint your current place on the water, and then tell you how long it will take you to get back.

OCEARCH Global Tracker — Free iPhone appIf you think you see fins in the water, pull up the OCEARCH Global Tracker, the world’s first device for finding moving sharks in real time. Don't become become somebody else’s hors d'oeuvre.

Evolution Mallets Set — $330Croquet is so simple you play one-handed— your other hand is holding a cocktail, of course. So buy the Evolution Mallets set , the Rolls-Royce of croquet equipment: deep Indian redwood mallets inlaid with sycamore, carbon fiber shafts, customized monograms.

Coolibar Titanium Beach Umbrella — $70When you lay out on the beach, make sure you have a Coolibar Titanium Beach Umbrella a top of the line, fully portable parasol that can block out each and every blinding sun ray.

Deck Towel Boudewijn — $178Perhaps the finest towel out there, the Boudewijn from Deck Towel is made of 100% Irish silk and features fabric that, as GQ says, "could've been swiped from a French girl in Biarritz."

The PUMA/Laird Stand-Up Paddle Board — $6500You think paddle boarding's for pussies? Let us introduce you to this slick bit of design, a collaboration between PUMA and legendary surfer Laird Hamilton. All carbon fiber, all awesome.