8 NFL players’ McMansions that will make your jaw drop

As we said yesterday, last night marked the kickoff to another NFL season. But before fantasy play means more to you than your kid's rec-league game, have a gander at eight of the most luxurious pads some of our beloved current and former players have lived in. Makes watching a hard tackle a little easier.

Rob Gronkowski – New England Patriots
The hard-partying, injury-prone tightend recently put this 4,781 square foot party pad on the market for $2.4 million, which is $800,000 more than he paid for it only one year ago. It’s fully decked out with an elevator, a house-wide speaker system, and ten flat-screens. There's of course a fish tank — and we assume plenty of closet space for his Zubaz pants.

Troy Aikman – Dallas Cowboys
The former Super Bowl-winning gun slinger recently paid $4.6 million for this new 10,662 square foot mansion in Highland Park, a wealthy neighborhood in Dallas, Texas. It’s not such a staggering number when you compare it to the $24 million mansion he put on the market in 2011, also conveniently located in Highland Park.

Brian Cushing – Houston Texans
The bone-crushing Cushing's 7,000 square-foot, five-bedroom house was originally listed at an asking price of $1.3 million in early 2011. The linebacker has since slashed about $100,000 in an attempt to sell his Missouri City, Texas property which features a state of the art security system, pool, in-house cinema, and wet bar. Maybe his suspension for performance-enhancing drugs put a small dent in his wallet? Oh, nevermind.

Keyshawn Johnson – Pro Bowl Wide Receiver (Retired)
The first pick of the ’96 draft played eleven seasons in the NFL with the Jets, Buccaneers, Cowboys, and Panthers. It was announced yesterday he’ll be joining Dancing with the Stars when he's not working as an analyst on ESPN. His humble abode in Calabasas was on the market for $10.5 million before Johnson cut the asking price down by $2 million. Some say this has to do with his rowdy neighbor Justin Bieber. He apparently doesn't appreciate uninhibited egos. Whatever the case, inside there's a basketball court, pool, and game room.

Tony Dorsett – Dallas Cowboys (Retired)
This 5,500 square foot mansion in Frisco, Texas is on the market for $930,000, boasting an old-fashioned aesthetic emphasizing lots of mahogany. Probably for his Heisman and a long list of other award the All-Pro running back received during his career. We can smell the Cuban cigars from here.

Water Jones – Seattle Seahawks (Retired)
The All-Pro had an incredibly impressive career as a left tackle for the Seattle Seahawks. He clearly likes everything as close to perfect as it can be. This estate located in Huntsville, Alabama is listed at a cool $3.5 million and has a regulation sized football field. Just don’t challenge the big man to a game of two-hand touch.

Lance Briggs – Chicago Bears
The linebacker’s 6,800 square foot Paradise Valley property in Arizona is one manly getaway, and you can snatch it up at a bargain. Briggs will likely take a hit on this one, because he originally listed the house at $2.7 million, which is $700,000 shy of what he paid for it in 2007.

Elvis Dumervil – Baltimore Ravens
The outside linebacker doesn't know how to work a fax machine, but that didn't bar him from signing a five-year contract with the Ravens for $35 million. So he obviously didn’t mind dropping $2.5 million on this mansion in Parkland, Florida. This seven bedroom, seven bath, 7,900 square foot house also comes with an indoor theater, wet bar, game room, and that incredible pool.

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