9 ways to own a chunk of movie history

indiana jones and the raiders of the lost ark
LucasFilm/Paramount Pictures

Know what's better than owning a copy of your favorite movie? a) discovering in a hangover stupor that it's available to stream on Netflix, and b) owning something that got actual screentime in said movie. And while we're pretty sure you can't buy Peter Weller in his Robocop suiit, we did round up nine pieces of ephemera from cult and classic flicks currently up for grabs.

What: One of the original masks used in, um... The Mask. It even comes with an autographed photo of Jim Carrey passed out next to it on a bed.
Price: $2K

What: Prop cone prosthetic worn by Laraine Newman in 1993's Coneheads.
Current price: $5225

What: The IMSAI 8080 microcomputer with 8-inch floppy drive, keyboard, and modem prop setup Matthew Broderick nearly started a nuclear war with in Wargames. Oh, and most of them are still "in working condition".
Price:Highest bid

What: The "solid gold" fertility idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark that Indy tried (and failed) to swap out for a bag of sand.
Price:Estimated $15-23K

What: A movie-worn Flames jersey from D2: The Mighty Ducks (the one where Emilio Estevez has an even more '90s haircut).
Price:Starting bid is $25 (!)

What: The white tuxedo John C. Reilly definitely sweat through wore in the "Boats N Hoes" music video in Step Brothers.
Price:Buy it now for just $100K

What: Dark cotton stirrup'd pants worn by one of the munchkins (Joseph Koziel) in The Wizard Of Oz.