Sixty one-minute drinking songs, pre-loaded in the ultimate storage device...legal at last

Ali Spagnola was living every Pittsburgh girl's dream: turning Power Hour into a wildly successful music career by writing 60 original one-minute party songs, playing them live, and, most ingeniously, downloading them onto a USB that slides right into the very shot glass you drink the beer out of. Then, out of nowhere, some random claimed he owned the rights to the phrase "Power Hour", and threatened to ruin things for Ali, and America. But Ali didn't back down in the face of this gross, sobering injustice. She spent $30,000 fighting the lawsuit that had kept her product off Amazon, which as everyone knows is where they sell all the best microchip-driven alcohol aids. She won that fight, so now when you plug in that USB loaded with songs like "People Drinking Boone's" and "Get Out of Couch", you won't be playing Ali Spagnola's Strong 60 Minutes Album, you'll be playing Ali Spagnola's Power Hour Album.Here's a pretty amazing video where Ali talks about sticking it to the man, and her plans for a 20-city Freedom Victory Tour. Watch this, then get ready for shots shot shots shots shots shots shots shots... of beer.