A smartwatch that actually looks normal on your wrist

AGENT on man's wrist

Finally a smartwatch that doesn't just look like a tiny computer strapped to your wrist, the AGENT's a new tech'd up timepiece developed in collaboration with the folks at classy custom wristclockists House of Horology, and's capable of communicating with your smartphone to let you control music, check the weather, track sleep patterns & physical activity, and even serve as a game controller, thus rendering the physical activity function moot.In addition to its appearance, it stands out from fellowsmartwatches for its long battery life, remaining fully powered for up to a month before you'll need to juice it up -- wirelessly -- by placing it on a special charging pad. Even more, it's water resistant, functions as a vibrating alarm (indicating an incoming call, letting you know when you've forgotten your phone...) and comes strapped with your choice of five different, swappable, color-stitched silicone bands.

AGENT charging on pad
AGENT controlling music
AGENT with physical activity stats
AGENT strap options