A hot little Italian is coming to America

Having been mostly without Alfa Romeos practically since the time when it was still technically possible for Dustin Hoffman to sleep with an older woman, America's about to get the all-new 4C, Alfa's baby version of the Ferrari- and Maserati-based 8C

The car's 240hp aluminum engine's mounted right behind the seats for optimal weight distribution, and gets the power to the wheels via Alfa's TCT dual clutch transmission -- so it can shift gears even faster than Johnny Manziel -- while paddle shifters mean you don't take your hands off the wheel, something Vanna White probably told Pat Sajack ages ago

Handling prowess is aided both by its extremely light weight -- less than 2000lbs, so some NFLers could probably leg press it -- and by a complex suspension layout that's augmented by a full suspension kit Alfa's already got planned

On the inside, the digital display changes color to correspond with the car's changeable performance software: yellow means race, with no traction control, etc., while blue signifies the all-weather setting

The bulk of the car's made outta carbon fiber, aluminum, and fiber glass; the outside's got the traditional Alfa Romeo "Trefoil" (the triangular opening at the front),

and in back, the rear window that lets you see the motor as part of an homage to the iconic 33 Stradale from the '60s, which, unlike Mrs. Robinson, is still pretty hot