All the gear you need to explore the great outdoors like a modern day Daniel Boone

Since you may not have the chance to attend Bear Grylls' just-announced US survival course this November in the Catskills, we've done you a favor and put together our own list of must-have gear to ensure you're prepared next time you hit the open trail. The sort of equipment that would be both essential for rugged outings, but wouldn't look totally out of place in your Herschel backpack on the city streets. And unlike Bear, we didn't even have to drink our own pee to get our point across!

Biolite Campstove
This lightweight, uber-portable grub-cooker lights up with just a handful of twigs, and features a thermoelectric USB-port-equipped module that converts heat into energy, providing extra juice for your phone in a pinch so you can catch up on that backlog of "This American Life" podcasts.

Sol Survival Kit
This compact, palm-sized lifesaver's stuffed with numerous tools you'll want at the ready when if things get hairy. It's got a compass, fishing line (and hooks), fire starter, whistle, signal mirror, knife, 3sqft of aluminum foil, and even a sewing kit, should you endure a devastating tear in your pima cotton J. Crew tee.

Kammok w/ Glider
Just in case being nuzzled by insects and small woodland creatures isn't your idea of a good night's sleep, the Kammok is a suspended tent/hammock hybrid, and comes with an optional tarp-like cover that'll shield you from the elements. And sun, should you find yourself really hungover after a particularly rowdy night around the fire.

Three-Piece Canteen
This one-quart heavy duty plastic reservoir will help you stay hydrated (and civilized thanks to its included cup), but won't hog up space in your pack when empty, as it collapses as easily as you do when depleted.

How To Stay Alive In The Woods
Bound in a durable rubber cover, this missive's broken into four sections based on the nature of your predicament, and provides valuable info like how to catch game without a gun, building shelter, protecting yourself, and which plants you should and shouldn't use as a garnish for the cocktail you brought in that canteen eat.

Orbita Goldlight Flashlight
Sure, it's polished in 24K gold and shelled in exotic woods (or if you'd like, carbon fiber), but this luxe LED flashlight also has a few buttsaving features, including a strobe setting to scare off animals (or instigate impromptu forest dance parties), and another that initiates an SOS signal,

Gerber Outrigger XL
An extended version of one of Gerber's most popular daily carry knives, this sturdy eight-incher is partially serrated, weighs less than six ounces, and's designed to swiftly open using just one hand, so it should be incredibly easy to shoot a Vine of yourself doing it with the other.

Survival Straps
Not just a multicolor woven bracelet you'd expect to see on teenagers at a Dave Matthews Band concert, these wrist straps are actually made from several feet of incredibly strong military-grade paracord, and'll unravel in an instant to secure a shelter, tow things, or come to your aid "in any emergency when super strong rope can help you out", i.e., when you're painfully bored and feel like entertaining yourself with some really aggressive cat's cradle action.

Duluth Pack Wanderer
Big enough to stash everything above without busting open, the web-strapped Wanderer's a spectacularly functional (and handsome) wide daypack with three generous external pockets that provide easy access to smaller items like your phone, perfect for those fleeting Instagrammable moments that'll show everyone you're "outdoorsy".