An invisible bike helmet that only appears when needed

Helping you ditch helmet hair for good without also ditching your life, the Hovding's essentially a concealed airbag for cyclists that's worn around the neck, deploying into a protective noggin shell the instant it senses you've been hit, run into something, or are falling over.

Inside its fabric collar is a rechargeable helium cartridge that only inflates the rip/puncture-proof nylon "hood" when triggered by movement indicative of a cycling accident (they spent seven years collecting data from crash test dummies and stunt riders to develop a sensitve algorithm that distinguishes it from normal, everyday cycling movement).

Hovding up close

The "helmet" stays totally pressurized for several seconds to protect from multiple impacts, then begins to slowly deflate. And, each one's even equipped with a tiny "black box" that records 10 seconds of your movement patterns from an accident, which you can send off to the factory to improve the quality of the aforementioned algorithm.