Editors' Picks: Watches To Fit Any Wrist (And Budget)

Anthony Humphreys

Breda Pilot Face Leather Watch - $35 A watch does a lot to define the wearer. They’re bold, they're showy, and they’re right there on your wrist for all to see. But they don't have to cost as much as a used car — leave that honor to your shoebox apartment in the city (that’s actually a pungent 45min subway commute away from the city). Here we’ve rounded up our favorite excellent-looking, impressive, conversation-starting watches for every budget, starting as low as 35 bucks. Thirty-five bucks. Even the top-end splurges aren’t really all that pricey. So pick up one for each wrist and click through to the see the entire collection.

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Time is money, and with all these you're getting more for way, way less. 

Simple, stylish design with a bold face and modest price tag? Yes, please.

The rose-and-gold-colored hands and numbers will make this timepiece stand out, and the croc-embossed strap will easily make it a conversation starter.

This watch is the poster child for simplicity, yet sports attention-grabbing, compliment-magnet looks. The bold, textured face announces itself, well, boldly, and the leather strap ties it all together in a classy way.

This casual piece from Breda rocks the best of both worlds. Its sleek face offers a classic, refined look, and the braided leather band harks back to an era when guys drove Firebirds and male crop top shirts were a thing. Luckily, the band won that test of time.

For a few more bucks, you get more interesting details and designs — like getting a professional tattoo instead of having your friend Mark use a sewing needle and a Bic pen.

Crafted from sandalwood, each Silvano watch is assembled by hand and showcases the wood’s natural color and grain, making each one of these pieces extremely unique.

Taking its cues from WWII aviation engineers and fighter planes, AVI-8’s Hawker is a simple, yet versatile field watch that every guy should keep in his collection.

An automatic movement for way, way less than most — reason enough to pick one up. But being able to see a watch’s intricate guts is as priceless as it is fascinating. Our favorite detail, though, is the faint green color in the bezel's numbers and hash marks.

The blue canvas strap makes this watch stand out almost more than its bold, dark face. That it’s also so discounted is remarkable, and makes it a good buy, especially if you’re in the market for a masculine, sporty timepiece.

When you spend an entire paycheck or more on watches, you know things are getting serious. Especially if you don't have a job.

This puppy comes correct with Japan movement (day and date), a classic vintage-inspired face, and, wait for it, a ton of compliments *forms pointer finger and thumb into a mock gun and makes a click noise.*

Oh, hello. Tsovet create their watches from 613-L stainless steel and uses Miyota Quartz movement (considered by most to be a super high-quality movement). They’re also so confident in their product, they’ll throw in a 5yr warranty. How could you resist?

Leonardo may very well have liked this watch, in all its ornate splendor. It’s old-school, too: manual wind movement, water resistant to 100 meters, and a thick case. At 80 percent off, it’s an inexpensive way to be elected mayor of Bling Town.

Just like the football players in those soup commercials, we like thick and chunky — watches, that is.... Bold numbers, a monochromatic colorway, and a five-year warranty make this is a no-bull no-brainer. It's about time you took a look at our entire watch collection — right this way...