Be the pirate, viking, or biker of the ski slope

From medieval Iceland comes the legend of Njáll and his sons. In this tale, the eldest son, Skarphedin, brought his brothers to a frozen river to fight their enemies. Before the battle began, Skarphedinn made a running leap and slid across the river's icy surface, moving so fast that no one could touch him. With one blow from his axe he hacked open the unprotected head of Thráin, his rival's eldest son, and skated away unscathed. Skarphedin and his brothers left victorious. The reason for this feud? Someone insulted Skarphedin's beard.

Two lessons to be learned from medieval Iceland: Don't go out in the cold without headgear, and don't let anyone doubt the manliness of your beard

Luckily, the good men at Beardski have taken both of these lessons to heart. With fleece and neoprene and a one-size-fits-all variety of styles, these ski masks let you hit the slopes with all your Viking grace. But perhaps leave your axe Rimmugýgi behind