Beat the heat the best way: in your very own out-of-bounds game room

Rather than let the steamy, soupy weather leave you catatonic on the couch watching a House Hunters marathon in front of a big-ass fan, here's a better idea: toss those space-hogging house plants and filler furniture and set up a crazy game room in your apartment, where the only thing that'll grow tiresome is winning. To set you on the right track, we've rounded up a handful of room-anchoring tables and machines that'll not only keep you and your buddies wildly entertained, but also double as a gallery of unconventional product design.

TL1 Simulator
Like those clunky racing simulators in mall arcades, only super attractive and teeming with 100% less teenage body odor, this futuristic pod is equipped with the world's first 180-degree spherical projection screen, and comes loaded with click and play software that runs racing, flight, and first person shooter games. And to make your experience even more authentic, the seats can be rotated into various positions to match the sim (e.g. fighter jet vs. formula 1 car), the cockpit sits on actuators that move up and down, and it's integrated with a "motion transducer" that's far more realistic than traditional bass shakers.

Limited Edition Skee Ball Centennial Anniversary Edition Alley
A far cry from janky Chuck E Cheese rigs, this machine is modeled after ones made in the 1930s, complete with a polished oak exterior, old-school flip score display, and pull handle activation lever.

Even stealthier than actual Stealth Arcades, this seemingly inert four-sectioned wooden box could be mistaken for a antique sculpture, but actually assembles into an incredibly handsome two-person arcade system, complete with old-school joysticks, buttons, and a catalog of Atari and SNES games.

Zontik's 8-Game Table
Keep the purists happy while adding a Monaco vibe with this regal table in mahogany, walnut, or sycamore that opens to reveal a buffet of classic gambling fare and games. Depending on its configuration, the top surface features either a leather inlaid chess or backgammon board, a billiard cloth-covered card table, or even a roullette wheel. It also features a set of tidy drawers with storage for included poker chips, die, cards, dominoes, and all the accessories and pieces you'll need to play chess, backgammon, bridge, or poker.

Cristallino Foosball Table
No stranger to astoundingly luxe table games, Quantum Play's Cristallino is constructed entirely from glass and aluminum, so you'll be able to see in plain view if your opponent's making and shady moves. Plus, it can be customized with a tinted or logo'd playing field to match whatever other over-the-top items you'll be bringing in.

District MFG's Shuffleboard Table
Available in 12 or 14ft versions, these room-sprawling classic shuffleboards are a significant improvement over the beer-soaked planks you played late-night in your college days; the puck-sliding surface's fashioned from reclaimed oak boards, which're surrounded by supple handstitched leather panels, all set atop a sturdy metal frame.