Never hike sober again: the Kool-Aid of beer is here

You can now crack a cold one after scaling Mt. Everest. Brew-loving mountaineers will go crazy over Beer Concentrate, a powder that when combined with water and carbonated will magically become an honest-to-goodness delicious craft ale. Welcome to the future. Alaskan schoolteacher and amateur brewer Pat Tatera created the NASA-caliber miracle so backpackers didn’t have to carry a heavy case of brewskis up a mountain. And it’s easy to make: simply take a packet, mix it with carbonated — and hopefully filtered — locally-sourced water, and then enjoy your micro brew in the great outdoors. Buy the Portable Carbonator and various powder packets at the online store, and stow away the goods along with the carabiners and cooking gear. You and your hiking buddies will never go hiking sober again.