Put some hair on your chest with this oversized flask

Best Made Company

You're staring down a sunset somewhere out of cell range halfway along the Appalachian trail, jonesing for drink. Who hasn't been there? Way back when, Papa Hemingway made haste with the Spanish wineskin, or bota, as he stumbled through Europe. And the next door neighbor who taught you to play Ultimate Frisbee converted their Camel Back into a portable reservoir of the headiest craft beer they might get their hands on. But what if you prefer a pull of small batch bourbon to wash down the mountain air? Or a few drags of Sailor Jerry while sailing the Keys? Traditional flasks simply aren't enough, carrying an embarrassingly insufficient four to six ounces of your favorite booze.

Best Made Company
Well, fortunately for all of us and generations of chest thumpers to come, Best Made Company — the ax men who made aprons manly again for the first time since the local butcher shop was last open — have unleashed an eight ounce English-made pewter flask, sheathed in an American-made waxed canvas-nylon case for easy and reliable transport. Now get off the couch and heed the call of the wild. Drink the moonshine like it's supposed be drunk: howling bare-chested in the woods.

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