A wildly versatile three-in-one backpack

Orange and white Bootlegger bags lined up in a row

From a crew of baggists who've honed their chops designing rugged outdoor gear for The North Face, Eddie Bauer, and Jeremy Jones (among others), Boreas's Bootlegger Modular Pack is an incredibly versatile and durable backpack system with three activity-specific components that can be worn individually or together in various combos, depending on what you plan to get into/how many Combos you want to bring with.The four-piece rig consists of a standard day pack (The Hopper), a fully-submersible waterproof roll-top number (The Scrimshaw), a Camelback-esque hydration pack (The Torpedo), and a heavily padded, bagless set of shoulder straps that serves as the base for securing the aforementioned elements; it's called the Super Tramp Suspension System, and provides full control over how weight sits on your back, should you prefer it Give A Little Bit. Plus, each bag boasts its own set of additional handy features for a day on the trail/biking/camping, from a bike light loop and a hidden keys pocket, to reflective screenprints and compression straps for toting gear too big & awkward to stuff inside.

Instructional diagram on adjusting the suspension system
Series of photos instructing how to swap out the different bags