An app that makes breaking up via text shamefully easy

We've always considered breaking up over text to be akin throwing people under the bus, or not owning up to drinking the last of the lemonade in the office fridge clearly marked "Barbara's"; a move reserved for cowards. But if you insist on doing it that way, you might as well use BreakupText, which'll assist you by autogenerating an articulate, inappropriately hilarious message.

Once you've made the decision to e-end it, boot up the app and select the doomed party from your contacts list. Then, to ensure the missive is appropriately tailored to the right person, it'll ask you whether it's a girl/guy, if it was serious or casual, and why you're terminating things, e.g., you lost interest, met someone else, or the age-old cop-out, were "eaten by a bear".

Next, it'll compose a few completely ridiculous sentences outlining the why and how of things, which will almost certainly have no bearing on your actual situation (unless you've fallen for your college history professor, or had issues connecting over Bright Eyes songs -- both of which we saw when testing it out), and dump (!) it into your messaging app where it's up to you to press send.