Building your own sailboat is easier than you think

Like being able to open a wine bottle with your shoe, sailing is a laudable skill that sets you apart from most dudes, but you know what would set you even further apart? Sailing around in a rig you built with your bare hands—in about a day. And the Sydney-based Balmain Boat Co. is making that easier to do than you think, thanks to their new DIY Sailboat Kit.

Each flat-packed kit comes complete with nearly all the materials and hardware you'll require including precision-cut plywood, copper/bronze nails & screws, marine adhesive, as well as the mast, boom, gaff, and sail. And because you're good, but not that good, there's also an intricately detailed 47-page step-by-step set of instructions.

Even for those marginally comfortable around a set of tools, it should only take around 30 hours from start to finish to make it seaworthy. Or, if we're being honest, lake and small pond-worthy. However, they recommended spreading the work out over a couple weekends so the adhesives and sealant have proper time to set, advice you should heed unless you'd like to unexpectedly spend some time honing yet another good skill: swimming.