Like Indochino for wetsuits

Carapace's a new wetsuit brand preparing to upend the traditional watersport gear market by making theirs totally custom fit, which apart from making them more comfortable/heat-retaining for the wearer, also prevents wear & tear. And, even better, they're offering them at a price that unlike particularly bad surfer/shark encounters, won't cost an arm and a leg.Using a web portal to guide you through how to take 15 different fairly intimate measurements, they'll send 'em through special software to generate a digital pattern, and use it to cut and stitch together several neoprene panels into a finished, fully bespoke water-impermeable body-sheath. It's also got a few more notable features, including pre-bent knees, form-retaining waterproof wrist seals, a tiny hidden key pocket, and magnetic zipper stops.