Your 'weaponized' bike won't care about fuel shortages during the apocalypse

When the sun burns out, and cannibals/zombies take over the world, no one is going to be idly pumpin' crude oil or manning refineries — meaning fuel will run out and cars, motorcycles, even ATVs won't be a factor. That's when you and your band of cycling brothers come pedaling through the inextinguishable fires on your Cogburn OutdoorsCB4s, bow or rifle stored in the attached Scabbard carrying rack, ready to lay some serious hurt down on the hoarders sitting on a massive supply of non-perishables. Alright, alright. It's marketed "uses" and Realtree Xtra camo pattern might be targeted towards hunters, fishers, and foragers(?), but the 3.8 inch tires that run on low pressure would put some ideas in anyone's head.Sure it's $2,199.99, but what price can you really put on outriding the apocalypse?