A new way to keep your brews colder, longer

Chill Pucks in a cooler full of beers

An innovative new product that'll keep brews nice and frosty in your hand even on scorching Summer days, Chill Pucks are Skoal tin-sized "next-gen" icepacks that you place at the bottom of your koozie/attach underneath a beer with an included silicone band, also what some people refer to as "The Bangles

While its makers claim it contains "sub-zero material that defies the laws of physics" and's been previously used to "slow global warming, preserve the body of Michael Jackson, and keep Frosty alive", in reality it's slightly simpler -- a water-tight icepack molded to fit flush against the bottom of standard cans that you can either fill with water and freeze ahead of time, or stuff with ice cubes.

Trio of Chill Pucks with bands
Chill Puck on a can at a baseball park