Get an industrial look with this cement-based home decor

Concrete isn't typically used in home decor, and not just because people are turned off by a word that implies negativity towards the Greek Islands fifth most populus island. Perhaps "Yaycrete" would work better? Nonetheless, the good people at Boston's Zeitgeist Factory are extremely procrete, and have the industrial housewares to prove it.Coat Hanger/Wall CubbyAll their products use a "proprietary blend of cement and recycled stone dust", and it's put to good use in a place to stash wallet/ keys, as well as hang coats. Hexi BowlAn apple a day keeps the doctor away, so you won't need to see a doctor for at least 6 days if you successfully eat everything stored in this fancy apple-cradler.Business Card HolderPerfect for the desk in your home office, it comes in gray or white.Personalized CoastersFour concrete coasters can be engraved with whatever you want, as long as you stick to 34 characters, so make sure to get the perfect personalization for internet nerds everywhere: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Salt & Pepper NEX GEN Shaker SetCleverly designed so that you can control the aperture at the base of the shaker to determine how much salt/ pepper is released when you shake, these'll add a nice industrial touch to any kitchen.VaseA vessel so masculine that even if it were holding the girliest, pinkest flower in the world (inside a removable glass tube insert), the flower would be unable to offset its raw power -- and that's a concrete fact.