Finally, a bullet-proof couch that stores your 40-gun arsenal

When it comes to protecting your living room from Nic Cage doomsday scenarios, feng shui isn’t going to help you get out alive. Sure, those cream-colored drapes match the carpet quite nicely, and that Pottery Barn credenza might have killer chi, but they won't be much help when your man cave gets overrun by Dolph Lundgren-esque henchmen.Luckily for you, we’ve found the Couchbunker, a giant bulletproof sofa. Introduced at the Hunters Extravaganza in Fort Worth, Texas (duh), the Couchbunker can store all 40 of your high-powered rifles, plus ammunition. And it doubles as an impenetrable bunker, an armory hidden in plain view.

It’s selling for $7,000, and while we barely have room for a Ford Mustang Pool Table loveseat in our tiny apartment, the Couchbunker is a perfect gift for the obsessively paranoid — or legitimate crime lord in your life. It’s already selling like hotcakes in a certain cash-flush corner of the world: the inventor says orders for bundles of 16 couches are coming in from Abu Dhabi. Did we mention there are matching ottomans?