Celebrate online poker's legality like a high roller

With the legalization of online poker in New Jersey and Nevada, it's only a matter of time before more states follow suit. Why not celebrate by prepping a decked out, tech'd-up home office gambling den in which to lose hard-earned money in total comfort? Here's what you'll need to get started:InspirationHere's an imagined set-up dreamed up by an online player, one of many you'll see in an insanely long thread on a poker message board.AccessoriesWhen toggling between multiple poker tables/ your bank accounts to make sure there's money left to fritter away, a mouse with a lightning-quick click speed is critical. Snag this Editor's Choice gamer's mouse from PC Mag that's just $60, but will get the job done.One Monitor To Rule Them AllThe smart folks at FirstTimePokerPlayer.com offer knowledgeable breakdowns of which monitors are best suited for poker playing, including the gorgeous Dell UltraSharp.Stress ReliefLosing on a bad beat to lesser players is inevitable, so stop beating yourself up, and start beating up this Everlast Cardio Strike bag.Back SupportInstead of dropping $1k on an Aeron chair, try a less expensive ergonomic beaut from Lorell at a fraction of the cost.DemotivationLosing is part of the game, and since motivational posters aren't fooling anyone into trying harder, try hanging a Demotivator poster on your wall -- and hope they have a high resale value if you lose your entire life savings.Photo by PokerLifestyleDesign.com