The gold standard of money clips

Published On 02/04/2013 Published On 02/04/2013

While having a few bills of Ben Franklin's good-looking mug in your pocket can certainly add an extra bounce to your step, what really shows confidence is how you carry little old Ben around. Understanding that it's all about presentation, the wallet experts over at Dosh created their luxurious Gold Series of money clips. Adding the Midas touch to their list of talents, Dosh has incorporated gold plating into three of their most popular designs. The Blade wallet features the line's signature golden money clip set in a water-resistant, two-card carrying case. A step up in functionality, both the Aero and Lux versions feature a folding design with the golden money clip set in the middle of a six card carrying case. Pick one of these up when you feel the need to have your cash live the glamorous life.



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