Because no one wants a bag that can only hold 23 beers

Because we can't spend our entire Spring writing about the Egyptian president suppressing free speech, we decided to do the next best thing: find a bunch of bags that can each hold AT LEAST a 24 pack of beer. 17 bags and 309 brewskis later, we bring you eight (including a pair that hold two 24-packs) that'll help you instantly improve your next BBQ and/or picnic and/or nursing home visit

Hex Cabana Laptop DuffelHolds: 24 beersOne of the nice perks of the Hex Cabana? It's spilled beer water-resistant! BUY IT

Hex Tribute Cloak BackpackHolds: 33 beersTired of bags made of stock wale navy blue corduroy? Behold: a rucksack made with fine wale navy blue corduroy. BUY IT

Duluth Trading Co. Fire Hose "Bulldozer" BackpackHolds: 34 beersThis review just about sums it up... "I took it to Colombia for a mission trip, I have taken it to Virginia and California for business trips with my bosses. I will take it to Southwest Asia. I will let you know..." BUY IT

Kaufmann Mercantile Leather Weekend BagHolds: 36 beersFor the next time you buy a Hex Cabana, and then realize you actually have three 12-packs that need transporting: This. BUY IT

Timbuk2 Especial Cycling Messenger BagHolds: 41 beersYou're damn right it's Especial! 41 beers, son! BUY IT

Timbuk2 Especial Cuatro Cycling BackpackHolds: 45 beersYou're damn right it's Especial, Episode II, The Especial Strikes Back! BUY IT

Chrome Ivan BackpackHolds: 48 beersYou'd think the bag that holds TWO TWENTY-FOUR PACKS would be the awesomest one right??... BUY IT

Mission Workshop The VandalHolds: 48 beers, a fifth of Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey, a bottle of Cabernet, a half-full 375mL of Bulleit Bourbon, and a 10oz-er of orange bitters...... well, you'd be wrong. BUY IT