The sexiest car to come out of Detroit in 40yrs

The 2014 Equus Bass 770 is one of the first ground-up boutique muscle cars to come out of Detroit since the automotive bailout in 2009. The engineers at Equus Automotive were inspired by American classics like the Ford Mustang, Dodge Charger and Challenger to create the perfect combination of vintage styling and modern tech — spoiler alert: there's a 640-horsepower Supercharged Aluminum V8 under the hood. The phrases "second mortgage" and "honey, I'm sorry" immediately come to mind here.

If the grill looks familiar, it's because it should. Equus painstakingly referenced some of the most legendary muscle cars in history for the Bass 770.

Referencing a classic is one thing though, improving upon it is a whole other thing entirely.

Slippery styling all around.

You're not gonna find bleeding edge tech inside, which is fine because you'll be a little preoccupied with the classic six speed manual transmission. No option for automatic in sight.

Can you say "space age"?