Everything you'll need to throw a kickass July 4th shindig

To ensure burger-soaked paper plates are the only weak part of your July 4th BBQ this year, we've combed the Net for a few things you'll need to take it to the next level. From unique grilling gear and sound systems, to boozy gadgets and... even boozier gadgets, all the stuff below will have you celebrating the US of A just a little bit harder.

The Shoot A Brew
Don't let your guests break a sweat geting up and walking to the cooler for a fresh beer, instead load up the Shoot A Brew, which at the press of a special remote button will fire off a ice-cold can up to eight feet away.

Betabrand's USA Pants
Shout your 'Merican pride straight from the thighs in these star-spangled, regular-fit cotton slacks, lined at the waist and pockets with red & white striped seersucker.

The Stuff-A-Burger Press
Why serve normal beef patties when you could use this thing to grill up special ones stuffed with gobs of cheese, vegetables and... more meat!

Chill Puck
Regular coozies have nothing on this innovative strap-on icepack that rests on the bottom of any beer can, keeping it nice and frosty for much, much longer than it'll (hopefully) take you to finish.

BEM Wireless Speaker Trio
To ensure people can rock out to your carefully curated playlist of Irving Berlin marches no matter where they're standing outside, fire up these three wireless beat blasters, which can each be placed up to 120ft from their base station, surrounding your yard/deck/rooftop with aural pleasure.

Hops Holster
Never be without a drink in hand without getting up from whatever app plate you've perched next to thanks to this bandolier-like sash/belt equipped with 12 insulated can stashes.

The BBQ DragonDon't let your charcoal pit smolder out before you're finished grilling for your fiendish friends. Clamp the Dragon aiming at the coals and it'll help to not only get a fire burning faster that lighter fluid or a chimney would, but also revive one that's dying by delicately throttling the amount of oxygen it receives.

The JamCoolerNot only does this beast have the room to keep 100 beers frosty on ice at a time (and an incredibly handy telescoping handle), but its lid's integrated with 600watt wireless JBL speakers that will blast tunes from any Bluetooth-enabled device for up to 10hours on one charge.

Modfire Astrofire
Keep warm by this steel outdoor fireplace, which not only serves as a nice communal piece to sit around, but can also be used to light the Roman candles you'll be shooting at unwelcome party crashers.

UE Boom
Taking the party on the road? Take this deceptively powerful (and critically lauded) mini wireless boombox with you to keep the tunes pumping loud and clear.