Turn fire into a phone charge with this ultra-portable, collapsible gizmo

We've all had those panicked moments when we're far from any reliable power source and our cell phone is about to die in a most crucial moment (e.g., expecting an important work call, that pivotal revelatory moment in your favorite podcast, waiting on a life-or-death sext). But now we can leave those worries in the past thanks to the FlameStower, a new bookmark-sized tool that transforms nearly any heat source into a gadget charger.

Simply prop open the thin plastic & metal rig from its flat position — when collapsed its considerably smaller and more portable than its counterparts, including the BioLite Campstove — fill the reservoir with water, plug in a USB charger into the designated port, and slide the blade right above a flame or similar heat source (stovetop, emergency candle). As soon as it heats up, the built-in thermoelectric generator activates, and you'll hear the comforting ding of activation from whatever device it's plugged into, juicing it up as quickly as it would if plugged into a regular wall socket.

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