Facebook 'Likes' counter is your physidigital hype man

Published On 08/09/2013 Published On 08/09/2013

The end of the night is approaching quickly, and your prospects don’t look promising. Despite best intentions and several tricks pulled out of sleeves, she’s headed straight for the door, and you’re headed for leftovers and wallowing. But wait: she spots on your table a little analog device that tracks your Facebook "Likes" — and its numbers are increasing from 10,067 to 10,068 to 10,069. This guy, she thinks, this guy must be something else. Want to display publicly that you’re super popular online? Pick up the Fliike, a sleek little invention from Paris-based startup Smiirl, that connects to your Facebook account and goes up a number every time you get a "Like." It’s compact — 16.5 inches wide by 4.7 inches tall — so what the hell, bring it to the beach, to the movies, to dinner. People will never doubt your Facebook superiority again. Or, maybe your personal page isn’t racking up the torrents of kudos to merit the $390 price tag. It’s ideal for businesses and fan pages, where you can mount it in the window for passersby to admire. If the "Likes" dry up and you want to see the tiles flap, just take out your phone and press that thumbs up button. Boom. Go to Smiirl and place an order for this gadget, and it’s all yours. Maybe like Smiirl on Facebook while you’re at it. They only have 1,356 "Likes." Get with it guys. And don’t go around getting too popular. The Fliike counter maxes out at 99,999.