See the weather from 100yrs ago, to the minute

Forecast Weather App

After launching an innovative weather app called Dark Sky last year, the crew behind Forecast decided to make something that didn't sound like a terrible movie starring Keri Russell, and has seven-day forecasts that cover the whole world, weather visualizations, a time machine that Biff Tannen will steal to bring the 1955 version of himself a sports almanac shows the weather in the past/distant future, and that works on any device

The seven-day forecast shows daily weather summaries, and expanded data provides up-to-the-minute information so you'll know that rain's gonna start pooling in your yard three minutes from now, but that you'll be sitting by the pool an hour and 20mins later

Precipitation at the global, regional, or local level can be viewed via hypnotically beautifully radar animations that -- if you live in the cities pictured -- are presumably the only time the sky isn't gray

The forecast aggregates data from 16 sources (the Navy, NOAA, and... ugh, Canada, just to name a few) to provide the most statistically accurate forecast possible for any location

And perhaps best of all, the time machine lets you see what the skies're like in any place, at any time, like the day in November 1955 when Marty McFly made out with his mom.

Forecast Weather App
Forecast Weather App Precipitation Screen Shot
Forecast Weather App Temperature Screen Shot
Forecast Weather App Time Machine Screen Shot