Curling up under these blankets is like sleeping beneath a scrambled Skinemax scene

Remember all those hours you spent trying to decipher the scrambled Spice Channel on your parents' TV, desperately hoping your mom didn't come home early? Yes. Yes you do. And these killer new glitch screen blankets should stir some up some of those wonderfully weird and awkward memories.

Originally launched last year, Glitch Textiles began as a Kickstarter project by multimedia artist Phillip Stearns to turn the cold, hard images generated by malfunctioning gadgets in soft, warm textiles. And turns out, the sort of scratchy chaos of lines and color that dead girl from The Ring loves to climb through make for really, really cool blanket patterns.

And while they may come across as generic "error" screen examples, each seemingly abstract design is actually rendered using real data, e.g., intentionally short-circuited digital camera and binary files from iTunes, Microsoft Word, Chrome, and OSX -- all retrieved and turned into images using tools that were originally developed to aid digital forensics.

Once a "pattern" is cooked up, it gets transposed into a form readable by special robot knitting machines, sent off to the factory, and turned into the perfectly cozy nap-cessory -- ideal for keeping your late-night scramblings, whatever they may be, comfortably under wraps.