Build your own sauna (or a new house!) in a weekend

large Glog Home house

Making home-building about as easy as putting together an IKEA bed frame (or possibly easier, depending on how many crucial pieces were missing from the box), Glog Home's a new DIY housing venture providing blueprints, materials lists, and easy-to-understand assembly instructions for "anyone" looking to put together their own compact crib in a matter of days. And the whole thing'll cost about 40% less than normal building costs... so long as your work isn't so shoddy you're forced to hire a pro to redo it

Explicitly designed to maximize space and reduce energy consumption, their selection of domiciles range from a fairly sizable 1200sqft spread (that takes four weeks to complete) down to a modest porched, one-room shack designed to function as a Finnish sauna, which they assure can be finished by two people in a weekend

Like any building project, though, you'll need to get the plans approved by your municipality before breaking ground, and it's on you to find a lumber/hardware supplier down to help an amateur plow through the materials list.

Glog Home Finnish sauna
medium sized Glog Home house with carport
two bedroom Glog Home house