8 semi-famous people rockin' Google Glass

This week, word got out that Google Glass probably won’t hit the marketplace until at least early 2014, meaning that we’ll have to make due without the must-have cyborg accessory for another six months. And until then, we’ll have to live vicariously through the beta-testers blessed with early versions of the product, many of whom happen to be beautiful "celebrities." But which beautiful celebrities, you ask? Welp, it reads like a shortlist for what would likely be the best dinner party ever.

Soulja Boy
When it comes to exploring the possibilities of a potentially world-changing gizmo, there’s no one we trust more than Soulja Boy. This poet can superman that hoe, he can turn his swag on and, now, he can find the nearest sustainable health food store via a gadget on his face.

The world’s most famous (and only) formerly-Hasidic reggae star may have chopped off that beard, but he's got a new facial accessory to not perform with on Fridays. Super-expensive tech doesn’t sound very "one love," mon. But perhaps Matisyahu’s changed: he claimed that he wants to use Google Glass to film stage dives.

LeVar Burton
On Reading Rainbow, you learned how to read books — real books that you can hold in your hand. Hilarious, right? Soon enough tikes will simply ask their face attachments, “What was a 'book'?” So it makes sense that LeVar’s embraced the new. Plus we’re pretty sure Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge would approve.

Gary Shteyngart
The quirky novelist’s last book, Super Sad True Love Story, took place in a dystopian future where technological advances promoted pervasive consumerism. And he got with a hot Asian about half his age. Then, in real life, The New Yorker gave Shteyngart a pair of Google Glass and sent the famous neurotic on his way. The resultant absurdistan saw him captioning pictures of currywurst. Revolutionary.

Newt Gingrich
We can’t say for sure, but we’d like to think Google gave Newt Gingrich its big gadget just so he could wear them in pictures with funny birds. Stare at this masterpiece until it burns your eyes.

Brandy once gifted the world with Moesha AND “The Boy Is Mine.” Since then her career has, er — well, a few days ago she played a concert at a 90,000-person-capacity arena in South Africa, but only 40 people showed up. So we're glad Google gave Brandy an advance pair of Google Glass. Seems like she can really use a pick-me-up.

Kevin Smith
One wonders what Kevin Smith movies would be like if you added Google Glass. Jay and Silent Bob would totally get stoned and have a wacked-out hangout while still standing next to each outside the convenience store. Wow, hold on, new thought: Google Glass is going to be a hit with stoners.

Neil Patrick Harris
We have a feeling the girls wooed by Barney Stinson, NPH’s character on How I Met Your Mother, wouldn’t be sold on the “Hey, look, I have Google Glass” pick up line. But he’s succeeded on much more suspect lines before — such as “with great penis comes great responsibility" — so who knows. Oh how Doogie Howser has grown up ...