Eco-friendly audio gear that packs a punch

Developed by a couple ex-Altec Lansing dudes, Grain Audio's new line of line of minimalist, solid wood speakers and headphones designed for those who "just truly love music", so, don't even think about buying 'em if you "just sort of tolerate" it. Rocking exterior walnut panels harvested using FSC-approved methods, the collection's two speakers include the low-profile, surprisingly powerful Bluetooth-equipped Packable Wireless and the woofer-sized Passive Bookshelf, which was originally designed for playback in the green rooms of major music venues. Personal audio options, meanwhile, consist of an ultra-comfy pair of wood-cased in-ear 'phones coming with four interchangeable silicone tips, and a hi-qual over-ear set sporting sexy wooden ear cups and in-cord mic/volume control.