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A kitchen you can carry on your back

Finally shipping after eight years in development, the Grub Hub's a camping-style backpack that folds out into a surprisingly commodious outdoor cooking station in less than three mins, and's designed to be light enough to roll out to the beach, yet rugged enough for Bear Grylls-style excursions... as those helicopter rides back to the Four Seasons can be grueling.

The wheeled, weather-resistant rig weighs under 30lbs, but's equipped with everything you'd need to throw together a gourmet meal in the wild, like 9sqft of prop-up prep surface (including a dining table), a telescoping tower to hang a water bag & lantern, a storage rack for utensils, spices, & condiments, a waterproof fabric sink, a gas stovetop, and even a shovel, just in case you're Bear Grylls and looking to dig yourself into an even deeper hole.

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