Tweaking Down the Highway: Get your morning (caffeine) fix on the road

We're living in a golden age of on-the-go coffee consumption: Stumptown Coffee teamed up with Poler to make a travel-ready kit, and then GSI Outdoors unleashed the JavaMill for when camping. But what if "on-the-go" simply means the early rush-hour commute to the office? Well, for that, there's the Handpresso. Plugged into the 12-volt outlet in your car, it whips up 1.79 fluid ounces of espresso (or roughly one-and-three quarters shots) while you drive. Say goodbye to long lines and overzealous baristas/patrons at the coffee shop around the corner from your office. By the time you arrive, you'll be running on a full tank of morning joe while your weary co-workers putter in, a venti of coffee'd-down sugar water in hand.It will, however, set you back $200. And you have to order it from the company's headquarters in France, where no one ever seems to work. C'est la vie.