Hang 10 While Going 35: The motorized surfboard that will blow your mind

Published On 08/20/2013 Published On 08/20/2013

For a board that weighs only 30 pounds and can clock in at speeds up to 35 mph, the JetSurf is a must-have for the impassioned surfer. It’s the only motorized water vehicle on the market that is compact enough to be taken with you while traveling domestically and internationally. Keep in mind though, the JetSurf isn’t going to replace the swell altogether, though: you still need to have some waves to get these gasoline-powered boards going. Nevertheless, the company has enough faith in their creation that they’ve begun to sponsor riders in the hopes that the JetSurf will spawn a new competitive sport. So if you’ve been looking for a way to literally accelerate your surfing game, the JetSurf has your name written all over it.



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