Pump jams at home like a rock god with these speakers from Marshall

In honor of their 50th anniversary as the go-to amp maker for music's biggest names, Marshall has just unleashed a new spread of three colorful limited edition home speakers, modeled after the iconic stacks that've graced stages around the world — complete with a vintage fret grille cloth and gold-script logo. And while they won't deploy an epic wall of sound the arena-ready rigs can (you're welcome, neighbors), they will pack a punch in your living room: each one's dual long-throw woofers produce super lows, and their hi-fi tweeters can throw extended crisp and clear highs. Plus, you may even fool people into thinking you can play something other than your iPhone, as they sport prominent control panels like a real-deal amp, with knobs for volume & treble/bass, and a line-in jack.