Spend less on top-notch shaving merch

Published On 03/14/2013 Published On 03/14/2013

Just launched by a Warby Parker co-founder, Harry's is a new venture that's applying a similar, low-overhead biz model to offer great deals on a different infuriatingly overpriced personal item: eczema cream! razors! Rocking special steel blades meticulously engineered in Germany, they currently have two high-qual, ergonomically handled options to choose from -- the zinc alloy Truman (in four colors) or the chrome-finish aluminum Winston. Each one's available as a single razor (w/ one blade), or in a "set" that includes three extra blades and shave cream. The best part, though, is the deal on replacement blades, which cost nearly half what you'd pay in a drugstore.



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