Find out what you'd look like as a piece of art

Want your caricature done but don't feel like hitting the carnival scene and sitting for some creepy dude for waaaay longer than you should have to? Then check out Hello Draw Me, a new service where you can commission talented artists 'round the world to capture your (or anyone else's) mug based on submitted photos, resulting in a unique and high-quality digital portrait for you to use as an avatar, have printed and framed, or, if you want to be super cool, put on a mug. To have one made, choose from their roster of artists for one whose style you dig (everything from hyperreal portraiture, to over-the-top caricatures, to digital illustration...), and submit a couple favorite photos to give them a "detailed idea about you", which, while not specified, should be clothed and of your face. Each artist has a different turnaround time (most take between 5-10 days), but they'll all provide a preview of their work before sending a final high-res PDF to ensure everything's up to snuff.