Whiskey and Scotch barrels transformed into furniture

Scraping the bottom of the barrel is usually avoided, but not by Heritage Handcrafted, a furniture line that deconstructs whiskey/wine barrels and turns them into stunning pieces for your home, and was started by a guy whose family's furniture company was often featured on The Price Is Right

Coffee TableA whiskey or red wine barrel is turned into this functional furniture piece for the living room, as the tabletop flips up to reveal an amazing stash spot a great hiding place for perfectly legal things

Celebration BoxNot just another incredible stash spot a box to put legal things in, it's actually a Spanish cedar-lined humidor made from whiskey barrel staves that includes space for four shot glasses and a bottle of the good stuff

Adirondack Chair + OttomanThese outdoor chairs are polyurethane-sealed so they don't wither outdoors, and since the staves they're made from are naturally curvy, they end up providing "full body support"

ChandelierThe curvy barrel hoops stand out on this fancy lighting fixture that starts at $900 for four candles. There's no option to get 16 candles, even though the light would create some beautiful golden (John) Hughes

Classic BenchA "perfectly formed seat" is yours in bench form, and it's surprisingly the least expensive item of the whole bunch at $350 -- however, before buying, make sure you have enough cash left in your account to scrape by.